Welcome to Clubhouse Gibraltar

We run a work based programme where individuals with a history of mental illness can develop to their full potential. Our mission is to make a difference to people who have experienced mental illness by offering respect, hope and dignity within a restorative community. The Clubhouse provides support with employment, a work-ordered day, a social program, community support, reach out, education,and a housing program. It is a place where people with mental illness participate in their own recovery process by working and socializing together in a safe and nurturing environment.

We follow the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs as found on the Clubhouse International website. The Clubhouse model was created 1948 in New York and currently there are 333 Clubhouses in 33 countries.

We are located in Wellington Front, off Line Wall Road.

The Clubhouse works solely on generous donations of people and organisations who believe in our cause. Please help us keep this project growing and make a difference in the lives of those suffering with mental illness in Gibraltar. Thanks!